Contributing to Open Source Part I: The Easy Way





The Odin Project
Published on Feb 27, 2014

How do you contribute to open source? In this video, I'll describe the easiest way to make a simple contribution to an open source project -- without using the command line, a text editor, "forking a repo", or even touching Git outside of Github. I'll also describe what kinds of contributions open



Wing N.

4 months ago (edited)

"use your powers for good" haha
thank you for the video.

Sean Park

1 year ago

thanks a lot for video


1 year ago

Wow this video was super helpful, clear, and concise. Thank you very much.

Sampath Lokuge

2 years ago

Nice.Thanks a lot :)

Luyi Ren

2 weeks ago

Your video helped me try to make my first contribution! Thank you so much!


5 months ago

This video didnt help. I see it was uploaded 3 years ago but I wonder if that would really matter. I'm trying to submit my solution to the Ruby: Ceasar Cypher project but can't really figure out how to do's on my Github repository entitled Odin-Project. help :(

Richard Dickinson

3 years ago

I am working through the Odin Project which is good but it took me ages to figure out how to submit my solution to the HTML/CSS project.I posted in all places (on the Odin website, on Google+ and others) and I finally got a reply (thanks hgducherne). However I'm still waiting for the repo admin to accept my pull request, so this has been a slow, tedious process as my first introduction to contributing on GitHub. Shame I didn't see this video earlier and I hope my pull request is dealt with
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3 years ago

FYI: the edit button has changed to a diagonal pencil